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We just don’t stock spices4 but  a wide  range of renowned brands starting  from all varieties of Gujarati Garvi, Kohinoor  , Bikano, MDH spices, a variety of Haldiram’s snacks , frozen packs of Deep Brand  and much more.
We pride ourselves in stocking  the  maximum varieties of any brand than any store in Melbourne.

Because the flavors in spices and culinary herbs are held in the volatile oils, it is essential that they are stored in the correct way so that the flavors do not diminish. Spices must be packaged in high-barrier, good quality materials. This applies to all spices whether whole or ground; however the quality of the package is most critical for ground spices, as the grinding process has begun the release of flavor. That is why ground spices are often more convenient to use.

Hence we at VEL make sure that our packaging is up to the mark.

We believe we have the best and freshest collection of spices available and we put our best foot forward to provide you, our customers with the best.